NEAKO, World Music Group, Taylor Gang, and Gramercy Records premiere the new video for "FLOSSIN" featuring JUICY J filmed in Los Angeles, California. Originally featured on NEAKO's "LOUDpackTREE" mixtape, this record will also appear on NEAKO's forthcoming "THE NUMBER 23" project BUT as a remix with several "special features" and new production to serve as the "FLOSSIN" [REMIX]. Look out for artwork, tracklisting, and more releases from "The Number 23" coming soon, now scheduled to drop September 12th.

Neako says of the "Flossin" video, "I Landed in LA..And It Was a Amazing Every Step of the Way..."

Produced by Neako, Neako's cinematic production approach along with a stellar Woodkid sample equal the royal ambiance of "Flossin", combine that with the hard hitting lyrics of Neako and Juicy J, and you have an anthem about past hardships turned into present day lavishness and well, "Flossin". Make sure to look out for the official remix with new features and production on Neako's forthcoming "THE NUMBER 23" project dropping soon! Video Link Below.


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