Мишка Presents Demokracy - Have Space Suit, Will Travel
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Come along, loyal fans, as we observe a vision of the near future. The place: Russia. The year: 34 AS (After Singularity). Gigantic automatons stomp across a hermetic landscape. Grass and soil have been replaced with carbon fiber and diamond alloys. Humans have been forced underground, while their robotic masters wait patiently in the overworlds as mortal half lives fly by. The Eurasian continental mass is now dominated by a massive sentient structure which encompasses a bulk of the former USSR. This is club Demokracy. This is where machines come to dance.
Over the past year there’s been a slow, but steady explosion of Russian underground music making its way over to the states thanks in no small part to the Internet. Some months back, we along with many other bloggers noticed that Russia had not only taken to Witch House, but was churning out some of the best tunes the neophyte genre had to offer. This is how I came upon Demokracy. While they’re not Witch House, far from it…they blipped on our radar when our own Fokkawolfe did an installment of Sounds From the Other Side focused on TaigaΔΔΔ. The at first mysterious TaigaΔΔΔ turned out to actually be the side-project of Demokracy’s Stas AKA Hmot which in turn lead us to discover the wonders that are Demokracy.
We’re now pleased to announce a new release in conjunction with Мишка, Demokracy’s Have Space Suit, Will Travel. This mix is 40 minutes of pure glitch greatness. The duo of Hmot and Damscray of Demokracy have been making a lot of noise recently on German label Robox Neotech. Harnessing the immense power of the internet, Demokracy have made sure their furious sampling and firm grasp on future music have reached ears the world over. After the recent release of their debut EP Double Star, they decided to take it to the next level with this one. The fork tongued bear is pleased. Get the mix, and prepare to fantasize about cybernetic enhancements and nanotech body modifications.
Мишка Presents Demokracy - Have Space Suit, Will Travel
1. Demokracy - Intro
2. Demokracy - Chani
3. heRobust - Chewy Bakka (Demokracy Gattaca Mix)
4. Powell - Smack My Glitch Hop (Demokracy Remix)
5. Demokracy - Searchlight (feat. Didjelirium)
6. Demokracy - Starhaven
7. Demokracy - Trooper29
8. Demokracy - EON
9. Demokracy - Zone
10. Demokracy - Deadhead
11. Lapti - Ghost With Motor (Demokracy In The Shell Mix)
12. Demokracy - Zeroth Law
13. Demokracy - Zeroth Law (Cryptical Remix)
14. Demokracy - Wintermute
15. Miqi O. - Cotton Comes To Bestown (Demokracy Remix)
16. DZA - Eskimo (Demokracy Remix)
17. Demokracy - Voight-Kampff
18. Doshy - Sunset (Demokracy Solaris Mix)


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