Bosco Delrey, the newest addition to Diplo's Mad Decent label and the Downtown Records family, is set to release his debut full-length album, Everybody Wah, this March. Without any contemporary peers to compare him to, Bosco's sound is reflective of his Memphis by way of New Jersey surroundings; an updated electro-rock outfit that encapsulates what a Sun Studios artist might sound like in 3011. Everybody Wah is an album filled with heavy beats, phasing synths, tickling harpsichords and dirty guitars, guaranteed to turn heads and grab the attention of genre-hopping fans from all over the world. The unapologetic, dark haired avenger of rock and roll is prepared to capture the ears of everyone from dancehall addicts to electro-maniacs and as part of the Mad Decent team he will have no trouble finding them.

Mad Decent released four blazing non-album cuts last fall, grabbing the attention of two of hip hop's most revered artists, Ad Rock and Mike D of the Beastie Boys. They've individually remixed the tracks "Evil Lives" and "My My Race Car," respectively and the result is a cross generational conversation that's sure to melt minds. Along with the remixes, Bosco has prepared several psychedelic music videos for your eyes, the first; "Space Junky" is available to view below now on Stereogum. Anyone who has seen Bosco's live show knows that it's truly unique and after a successful stint on the road last fall with the Magic Kids, Bosco will follow his album release with SXSW appearances and tour dates to be announced throughout the US this spring.


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