Forever intent on strengthening their sound and their brand. Hip-Hop duo, Nefew, have teamed up with DJ Green Lantern for this, the second chapter, in their free-download history. MAN VS MANY has been inspired by their own trials and tribulations at becoming a presence in the music industry and continues to promote the talents the combination of Polemikk and PA Double possess.
Opting to work with a variety of other artists and producers on this project, MAN VS MANY has spawned tracks such as the internet smash, The Fan, which was produced and featured Virginia heavyweight, Nottz as well as Game which saw the double act team up with Detroit vocalist Dwele.

"Working with DJ Green Lantern, Nottz, and all the other artists involved in the project was a great privilege for us. Man vs. Many will be our launch pad to higher spheres. It will definitely take the listener a step closer to what we’re about to deliver in the near future and we’re totally excited about that. We're off to a good start in 2011 and there will be a lot of new opportunities waiting for us. Man Vs Many is merely one of the great projects we will tackle this year."- PA DOUBLE
Like anything Nefew associate themselves and their brand with, MAN VS MANY contains a subliminal message. In this instance they tackle the importance of self-evaluation and personal strength in making a name for oneself in the music industry as well as promoting longevity.

"Man vs Many stands for the individual who accepts his grind and knows that he has to go through it in order to achieve something, while representing the conflict between passion and compromise." - POLEMIKK

Arrival (Prod. Nefew & Costa)
Game feat. Dwele (Prod. Nefew)
Self-Made (Prod. Nefew)
Let It Be (Prod. Nefew)
Things We Do feat. Souleez (Prod. Nefew & Costa)
The Fan feat. Nottz (Prod. Nottz)
Fade feat. Liya (prod. 7inch)
Turn It Up (Prod. Nefew)
Phase Me feat. Lenny Harold (Prod. Nefew)
Hard to Find (Prod. Nefew)
Live Life feat. Tyler Woods (Prod. Nefew)
Be Free (Prod. Nefew)
Witness (Prod. Nefew & Costa)
It’s Music feat. Lenny Harold (Prod. Nefew)


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